What I wish I’d known before giving birth

Forceps - the follow-on blog

[Following a vaginal delivery] “Some 42% of women show some symptoms of urinary incontinence, 4%-12% of women suffer from faecal incontinence. According to Thornton, “If you have a forceps delivery the chance of having faecal incontinence increases to 40% or 45%. If you have an elective caesarean you shouldn’t have any issues.”

I did not know you could be faecal incontinent following childbirth. Until it happened to me. Neither the midwives, my antenatal class teacher nor the books and websites I had read mentioned it.  This Guardian article is worth reading. I have highlighted the section that is of most interest for this blog.

‘We know the reality of childbirth’

A new report on NHS maternity care has revealed divisions between midwives and obstetricians. One of the disputes, says Bridget O’Donnell, is over the best way to give birth. While midwives, and the government, advocate natural birth, many female obstetricians…

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