AMAG Communique #1: What happened with Anarchist Memes?

The Expropriationist

The admins of the new page wish to make the following clear. We established the new Anarchist Memes page after being betrayed by an admin who had serious charges leveled against him but refused to accept accountability that was not on his own terms. A survivor named that admin as a serial harasser and a rape apologist. The rest of the admins were in a tailspin for a couple of days trying to figure out how to deal with these charges which (nearly) all of us took very seriously. The accused admin’s first suggestion was to unpublish the page for a few months until people forgot about the issue. The rest of the admins rejected that proposal immediately. We put forth an accountability process and at first the accused admin agreed. The accused admin offered to step away, but then did not. Repeatedly. He continued to post his defense and…

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