There’s a War On ~ Top of the Lake

Couch Pumpkin: Sofa Adventures

Even though it’s set in the middle of nowhere, halfway around the world, Top of the Lake feels incredibly topical. At a time when misogyny and abuse are in the headlines, its uncompromising look at gender conflict seems all the more electrifying.


Although Jane Campion’s mini-series is centred around the disappearance of a young girl (pregnant twelve-year-old Tui), the drama is actually more focused on young female detective Robin (played by Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss), who has returned to her small NZ town after a period of time in Australia. Much like this summer’s other aquatic drama, the fantastique Les Revenants, the lake next to the town serves as a potent metaphor for the secrets and lies buried beneath the surface. Like all small-rural-town shows in this post Twin Peaks era, the tension rises as skeletons emerge from various closets.

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