Pride and Pinkwashing Prejudice

A Thousand Flowers

After last week’s fleg dispute, it would be safe to assume that the last thing Glasgow Pride needs is yet another massive barney.  Unfortunately for them, booking an act most famous for doing a blackface video in which they try to out and make jokes about his “big black dick” giving aliens AIDS, is probably not the best way to stay out of trouble.

I’d rather not waste too much time on the publicity hungry “Queens of Pop” who are, at the time of writing, still on the bill for Pride in Glasgow despite fury from people who’re not massive racists.  Thankfully, said “hilarious” video has now disappeared from their YouTube channel (which I won’t be linking to). There are screen caps and indeed some good analysis of all this on variousothersources if you want to take the opportunity to be educated/offended in your spare time. …

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