“Queens of Pop are the antithesis of Pride. They are a DISGRACE.”

Stay classy QOP

Stay classy QOP

I’m writing this at 5am because I could not sleep. Last night someone brought the latest ‘parody’ by Queens of Pop to my attention. This self-proclaimed ‘sensation’ from Manchester has been booked to play the Main Arena at Pride 2013 and claim to produce ‘ultra glamourous caricutures…[with] a deliciously original edge’. Watch the video below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD8e4CMJbBI :NOW REMOVED




Now tell me how this is in any way parody? I’m at a loss when typing this, because I’d find it hard to imagine something more overtly homophobic and racist if I tried. There is nothing ironic about it. In fact this is EXACTLY what a racist homophobic bigot would find funny and would share in order to spread discrimination and ridicule amongst our communities.

So when gay marriage got shoddily passed through Parliament this year did you really think, just like when Obama became President, that we now live in a ‘post sexual orientation world?’ WRONG.

Just three weeks ago I had to call someone out for using the word faggot in a pub in Manchester. Hate crimes against LGBT people and Black people are being committed on a DAILY basis. Manchester is twinned with the city of St Petersburg, where last month over 60 people were arrested simply for trying to attend a Pride march. Need I go on?

I have seen a few people complain about this video and say ‘if they play at Pride I’m going to heckle them’. DON’T LET IT GET TO THAT STAGE. If they are put on at Pride they are legitimised and given the stamp of approval by an organisation that supposedly represents LGBT culture. What’s more, they would have already taken your pink pound and be laughing all the way to their next gig.

Ask yourself, does this represent YOU?

Queens of Pop are the antithesis of Pride. They are a DISGRACE.

I have great memories of going on anti-Section 28 rallies when I was a kid, yet in 2013 members of my family are STILL being challenged for putting up Stonewall posters in schools that are representative of all families, including those that have LGBT members and include mixed ethnicity relationships.

This video is disgusting. It is divisive to the Black and LGBT communities, and those who are members of both. It is harmful to everyone. Will.i.am is not out and his sexuality is his own business, but he is a widely known personality. What would he think if he saw this? Would this encourage him to come out? Would this make him feel safe? Would it make young LGBT people feel that they can be who they want to be?

Alan Turing must be turning in his grave right now.

(Reproduced from https://www.facebook.com/notes/georgina-sullivan/queens-of-pop-are-a-disgrace-get-them-out-of-manchester-pride-2013/10151738560112042)



(Glasgow Pride) :
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Please sign & share the petition below

http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/glasgow-pride-stop-queens-of-pop-performing-at-glasgow-pride-2 Please sign, don’t allow racism to ruin Glasgow Pride!


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