Rape Culture Strikes Again

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How was your Halloween? Did you go to a party, a club, or just turn the lights off to avoid the trick-or-treaters? I hope you had a good time, whatever you did. I hope, unlike me, that the prospect of rape culture didn’t even cross your mind. Because Wednesday night was my first experience of rape culture in Bristol.

So, I was at a club with my friends. We were drinking, and we were wearing costumes – neither of which should make any difference. It gets to about 3, and seeing as I have a lecture in the morning, I think it’s probably time to go. Except I’ve lost my friends. Some have already gone home, and I’ve no idea where the others are. I text and call, but my phone is running out of battery – for all I know they’re not even in the club anymore.


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2 thoughts on “Rape Culture Strikes Again

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