Being an ally goes beyond comparing me to a kid with downs syndrome, and yes, Sherlock is autistic


ImageIt’s because of the way I laugh sometimes, smile sometimes, and clap. I don’t know. But there’s a reason I’m charged as being oversensitive often and get right down to the bottom of the issue when someone says ‘you remind me of (insert name of someone we know with downs syndrome.)’  Or insisting that my favorite tv show character isn’t autistic (even when the evidence is strongly against it.) Because you always get that look.

That tone in your voice. That ‘I’m an expert in these matters’ tone. If I asked, you’d probably put ‘because I know you’ down as your reasoning. Or your pastor’s kid has downs. But it’s really not cutting it, and some of you have called me a bitch in person for telling you so. Let me address both areas thoroughly.

‘Sheldon Cooper/Sherlock/Abed isn’t autistic!’ You proclaim, kind of angry that I’ve tainted that character with…

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