A Letter to the Young Women of Tomorrow


young womenEDIT

Dear Friend,

There isn’t any way I can understand the pain you’re going through. Even if I tried to be a sister of some kind, I know that would privilege me into saying our struggles can compare. Our struggles are unique. I know this is a journey for you and I can honestly say that I don’t have the answer to everything.

What I do know is that I am sorry.

I am sorry for the overwhelming pain you feel in your heart right now. I am sorry that for whatever unjust reason, someone felt the need to take something away from you in the most violating and atrocious way. Those people aren’t worth much nor are they the types who make it far in this world. Above all else however, I’m sorry about this world we live in, because for some reason, there seems to be a lack of respect, trust, and care for…

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