A letter to my teenage self.

Dear Lil Veve, 
This is your future self.
You have now had a serious conversation with Kathleen Hanna.
Don’t scream. All this stuff you are doing now is really important for your future.
Never doubt yourself, the idea you have now will be more commonplace in 2012, people will catch up, try not to get so frustrated.
When the tour guide in Laos tells you there are no bugs in the banana beds, he’s lying. You will have an incredible life, very different from the one you know now.
You will meet almost all of your idols. They will like you.
You will save more than one life one day.
Every ambition you have today you will accomplish.
Practice your instruments more, you could be better, and don’t feel guilty when you travel for leaving people behind.
Keep asking questions.
 I’ll write you again later with lottery numbers etc, just in case this doesn’t work out. 




Venus Envy, 23rd July 2013



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