Everyday Eccentricity

My Dear Reader,

This week, a woman in Dubai has been sentenced to 16months in jail after reporting to police that she was raped. This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Why would she be punished for being assaulted? However, in the United Arab Emirates, unless the rapist confesses or the victim can produce four male adult witnesses, they will be charged with having extramarital sex, which is illegal in the UAE. This is grossly unjust and discriminatory, especially when one learns that the accused rapist was sentenced to only 13months for the same charges as his victim.

This case is not a once off anomaly, similar cases happen in the UAE and many other countries. At first glance, cases like this seem worlds away from anything we would ever experince. Our legal system is entirely different, support services are available and women would not have to fear being jailed for reporting…

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