Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative

Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative.

[Edit: This post has gone viral and it now accounts for over half the traffic that this blog has ever received since I started it in February of 2012. Unfortunately, that means it’s starting to show signs of conforming to the laws governing the “bottom half of the internet.” Some really brave and touching stories have come in under Anonymous comments so I really don’t want to change the comment policy mid stream, but rest assured that, while I can’t do anything about the nasty things being said elsenet, and I’m actually quite okay being disagreed with or called out, anything that drifts into abusive (especially to other readers), I will cheerfully delete. Also, all this traffic means I have literally lost the ability to logistically get back to all these comments. There are 400 as of this writing. Sometimes there are thirty an hour. Please let me just say that I very much appreciate the candor and bravery with which some of you are sharing your stories, I am breathless at how many people have been moved to see things differently or step up the next time they see something happening, and I appreciate the kind words that so many have voiced–even if I find it all a little embarrassing.] – See more at:


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