Glasgow Comic Con Creepers …….. ffs


After seeing this crappolachode on the GCC fb page, I was glad he had his profile pic up, so I can red card him as soon as i see him. Geekdom belogs to women too, and we don’t need to put up with this shit. As i wrote last year……

“When blogger ‘Singlevoice’, a well respected member of the hacker community visited DEFCON 2011 She was seriously creeped out by the behaviour of some of the males… So she decided to do something about it.

Here is her story…

“Because I am a Very Bad Adult, I finished packing my bags at a completely unreasonable hour of the morning last night. While I was deciding what clothes to take with me to New York, something dawned on me; I was already thinking about what clothes I would avoid taking to Las Vegas for Defcon. Short skirts, low cut tops, tight dresses, and anything that might be overtly attention-grabbing have been bumped to second priority on that packing list. For anyone who wasn’t able to immediately find a female Defcon attendee, I will let you in on a not very well kept secret. Defcon is hell for women. Defcon is also many wonderful things. It is a fantastic environment to learn, network, and connect with friends old and new. But I’m not here to talk about that. There are plenty of other people who have been going to Defcon for longer than I, and who have gained more from it, who are infinitely more equipped to speak about it’s strengths as a conference. All I can speak to is my somewhat jarring experience last year, the first time I attended.

Let it be known that I went to Defcon with a reasonable amount of armor on already. I was reasonably aware of the frat party environment I was stepping into. I have many friends who are involved with helping make Defcon roll smoothly each year, from speakers to goons. And still, nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of bad behavior I experienced.
Like the man who drunkenly tried to lick my shoulder tattoo. Like the man who grabbed my hips while I was waiting for a drink at the EFF party. Like the man who tried to get me to show him my tits so he could punch a hole in a card that, when filled, would net him a favor from one of the official security staff (I do not have words for how slimy it is that the official security staff were in charge of what was essentially a competition to get women to show their boobs). Or lastly, the man who, without prompting, interrupted my conversation and asked me if I’d like to come back to his room for a “private pillowfight party.” “You know,” he said. “Just a bunch of girls having a pillowfight…. fun!” When I asked him how many men would be standing around in a circle recording this event, he quickly assured me that “no one would be taking video! I swear!” I’m pretty sure this is the point where my lovely partner Morgan asked him if he thought propositions like his had anything to do with contributing to women not feeling welcome at Defcon. This was a very difficult concept for this poor soul to wrap his head around.
After that last interaction, Morgan and I ran into one of his kiwi hacker brethren. In a huff, I told him about Mr. Pillows. Being of the Rugby-watching persuasion, he jokingly mentioned the idea of being able to hand out yellow and red cards to the men of Defcon who crossed boundaries.”
“This project has its roots in Defcon 2011. Defcon, if you’re not aware, is the worlds largest hacker conference. It takes place every summer in Las Vegas. It is a place for hackers of all types to come together for a bit of fun, learning, and partying. Unfortunately it can also be a frustrating place for women, who are often the target of harassment. This can range from mildy squick-worthy comments (one longtime female attendee who is in her fourth year of also presenting was asked last year why she was wearing her husband’s speaker badge) to full on unsolicited groping (something I personally experienced last year). There’s been a lot of interesting discussion about about why these issues are so prevalent. I highly recommend checking out GeekFeminism’s “Issues” category on their wiki, and would suggest the specific entries on tech conferences and harassment as especially relevant to the Defcon discussion. It is also a good time to remind readers that the harassment that women face at Defcon does not exist in a vacuum.”
“They are slightly bigger than a business card and carry the same message on each side. There is also a green “thank you for being respectful” card, which I posted a picture of here. While I originally wanted to make Defcon-specific cards, there was enough interest from non-Defcon folk to persuade me to make somewhat generic cards.”

Use of the cards

While you can use these cards however you see fit, I feel like I must point out that these were meant to be a non-confrontational way of engaging with harassment. If you are planning on handing out these cards, I recommend keeping a couple in your pocket or purse. If the opportunity arises to hand one out, simply chose which one you feel is appropriate, pull one out, and hand it to the perpetrator. At this point I recommend calmly walking away. You have said what you need to say and are under no obligation to discuss anything further. Congratulations! You’ve just carded someone!

Where can I get these cards?

If you are at Defcon 20 this year, drop me a line at I’ll be around the conference, likely with a stack in my bag. I’m bringing a lot of cards and I am more than happy to meet up and share. They will also be available at the EFF‘s booth. I’m incredibly thankful to have the support of the EFF at Defcon this year. After the conference, I am more than happy to mail a stack to you free of charge. There are a wealth of opportunities to use these cards outside of Defcon. If you run another conference (tech related or not), a consent working group, a BDSM space, or if you are someone who just wishes you had an easy way of sidestepping creeps in bars, get a hold of me! Just drop a line to

With thanks to Singlevoice for this amazing idea!

With thanks to singlevoice Follow her on wp here : When blogger ‘Singlevoice’, a well respected member of the hacker community visited DEFCON 2011 She was seriously creeped out by the behaviour of some of the males… So she decided to do something about it.



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