Q&A with Project Fear

A Thousand Flowers

The referendum could give us a chance to ask some really important questions.  Alternatively, we could spend most of it answering some really stupid ones.  There is a deliberate tactic amongst Better Together trolls of repeating these inane “questions”  in a bid to make us chase our tails.  Sadly, it seems to have rubbed off on some ordinary punters as well.  So for their benefit, here are the answers.


Q. Can you please explain how x will work in an independent Scotland?

A. Probably not.

I have no idea how stamps are made, I’m clueless as to how they get those big ships into those wee bottles, I’m not even that sure where babies come from (and I need never know).

The notion seems to be that if we don’t all know how everything works, we’re clearly not fit to govern ourselves.  At one recent meeting when a Better Together…

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