Ladyfest Glasgow Joins fight against sabotage of GFN

Ladyfest Glasgow have noted with concern and increasing distaste the developments within the facebook group ‘Glasgow Feminist Network’. We would like to highlight that we are a collective that supports and fights for the rights of all self-identified women, and all marginalised genders. As such, we condemn the recent outbreak out transphobia in the strongest possible terms, and offer our fullest solidarity to our trans* sisters.

Ladyfest Glasgow was a huge success, built of our collective work. Together we can achieve so much – while we can never be complacent, we’d like to underline that intersectional feminists – including trans* women and sex workers – created (for example) our gorgeous, amazing festival, while transphobic and whorephobic feminists have only ever grossly and squalidly destroyed someone else’s facebook group. They’re dangerous, and we will always fight these reactionary feminisms, but equally, they’re pathetic and sad. 

On a final note, we’d like to celebrate the defeat of a bad law – Rhoda Grant’s misguided and unevidenced attempt to criminalise clients failed to convince her fellow MSPs. Because her proposal was shit, cynical, and dangerous. You can read our response to her consultation here:

In short: fuck this bullshit transphobia. Trans* and sex working sisters, we’ve got your backs.


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