Your body is a market – By Ariel Silvera


It feels as if I’ve been writing about Pride for years. Its ups and downs, its many meanings and checkered history. To someone following these articles, I must seem akin to a lesbian Bill Clinton going ‘it’s the community, stupid!’

As most of you know, Dublin Pride messed up. But after basically every LGBTQ organisation in the country asking them to stop being so goddamn ridiculous, it got better. I expected as much, to be honest. Those of us who’ve delved in and out of Ireland’s LGBTQ activism know it is all held together by professional working relationships, long-term friendships, grudging alliances, mutual goodwill and the kind of empathy you get with a friend who is your ex-lover. Dublin Pride pissed off a lot of people by doing the unthinkable: telling campaigning LGBTQ organisations, for whom rallies are their bread and butter, that the dairy was closed, and…

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