Why I took a hiatus…


I use the same username everywhere I go. I don’t censor myself and I’m not a liberal.
I received a lot of threats last year, mostly in response to comments and tweets on one of my many social media accounts connected to old blogs and forums. I needed a break.

Here’s pretty much the last thing I wrote at the time:

A few months back some D00Dchodez™ posted a picture of a friend, photoshopped to make her look beaten, with comment below details how women “need to be cut”.
Loads of us reported it to face book, and facebook did nothing despite other folks we know like Hildur (http://www.politicsballa.com/2012/11/facebook/lilliendahl-rights-women-s-campaigner-banned-posting-facebook-threat-death) receiving death/rape threats etc, simply for responding unfavorably to jokes about violence being visited upon women.

D00dchodez™ attempt to dox us on a weekly basis, and encourage other d00ds to “visit us”.
I’m assuming they aren’t going to be popping round…

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