The camera, the woman and the sexist.


The camera, the woman and the sexist.
By Esther Frain, Glasgow based photographer.
I was going to write a really informed and articulate blog about female photographers. How women have become far more equal within the industry because the percentage of women working as pro photographers has risen ten fold in recent years. That there is far less gender stereotyping and how this change is visibly translated in the media and imagery we see in print and online.

Sadly, my browsing has been inundated with pictures of women mostly taken by male photographers. Pictures of women with big seductive eyes, pictures of women with their hands in their pretty hair, pictures of women lying on beaches, lying on floors, lying on beds. Pictures of women pictures of women pictures of women…..zzzzzzzzzz
And then, then there’s the ‘photography’ sites that lull you in with the promise of ‘BeautifulWomen’s Photography’ only for me to find more of the same and the added offer of ‘Single Czech Girls’ or ‘Hot Mexican Girls’. Sorry guys, ‘Girls’ are females under the age of 18. Doesn’t sound so hot now does it?!
Further browsing, ah that’s what the ‘Bikini Lists’ is. How is this title even allowed?!! I’m now far too angry to salvage this post in a positive way. I know the industry is changing and that there are positive female role models like Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark. But this evening’s browsing has me caught me in a web of shallow misogyny. 
Look guys, the good guys, I know you are out there. Please, it isn’t 1980 anymore. Please, for god sake, stop it.

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2 thoughts on “The camera, the woman and the sexist.

  1. Be that way…………but you haven’t got a clue. The “men and women are different” thing has worked pretty well for thousands of years.
    We are not all the same so why would you want to act that way?

    • Hi Richard and thank you for your comment, generally it helps to read the blog before commenting, and as you will see, it was not written by me, but the author is named in the second line, please direct any critiques of her work to her directly, I’m not a voicemail machine. TvE.

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