So what I have learned from posting all night on the #EDL hastag….


Image is that there are a lot of people who rely on Tommy Robinson to be representative of the EDL, don’t question his motives, and actually believe the fairy tales he tells, which, when mixed with truth must be intriguing for any discerning right wing punter. 

I can understand by far right conservatives, and ignorant morons will believe a man with what looks like working class support, makes them feel like they are a hero, in the middle of something important, for the first time in their lives, they finally feel part of something, yeah it’s racist drinking club filled with anger, but they *really feel* at home there. 
When questioned, members, quick as a whip regurgitate answers fed to them by their religious, I mean cult, I mean League, leader. 
Have you heard the speeches at EDL demos? Full of positive affirmation, and “we are all in this together” rhetoric. 

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