Serife Tayyip!

“A guest post from Comrade Mario on penguins wearing gas masks, nightclubs full of teargas and which Turkish football fans have the best anti-government songs…”

A Thousand Flowers

A guest post from Comrade Mario


I’m a drunk and a looter, apparently. That’s according to the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, sir, you are a complete and utter bell-end. Those that have demonstrated against you have taken up the foolishly dismissive insults of ‘ayyaş’ (drunkard) and, far more importantly, ‘çapulcu’ (looter) as badges of honour and pride now, to the point where the official dictionary definition of ‘çapulcu’ has had to be changed to ‘demonstrator’.

This is an interesting twist on the old ‘freedom fighters’ as opposed to ‘terrorists’ argument in the political language that we’re used to. The so obviously unnecessary police violence has, to an extent, galvanised support for Erdoğan amongst his hardcore, conservative, support, but has utterly alienated the majority of the populace against him.

How did this happen?

Many would point you to the environmentalist occupation of Gezi Park

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