“SECOND CLASS CITIZENS (PLEASE DON’T HURT ME INTERNET” – Guest post from Lady Ra Ra, a new voice in Scottish feminism.


Second class citizens (please don’t hurt me internet)



I tend not to divulge my opinions on feminism. When I broach the subject in the vicinity of other online feminists, I feel like I’m tiptoeing through razor wire, scared to make a false move lest I nick some vein of vitriol pulsing through the internet. People are quick to attack others with conflicting opinions to theirs, and for the record I think this is seriously counter-productive for the cause. You’ll read all about that shortly, but I ask you approach the following with an open mind, rather than with hackles up should I state opinions contradictory to your own, or should my opinions be misinterpreted.

Recently a Scottish journalist wrote an article entitled ‘Scotland’s an enlightened country – unless you’re female.’ The article was well-intentioned, as I know many that stride bravely into the feminism fray often are, but…

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