If you aren’t fit to change your attitudes, you aren’t fit to change the world.


This is a repost of a blog I published last year: I recently connected with the woman who inspired it, and felt it was still important and relevant. You can read more of her writing here : http://www.stillnotshuttingup.blogspot.co.uk/

September 18th, 2012
Trigger Warning, obvs.

A story came to my attention via The Venus Envy facebook page. A woman had written an open letter to her rapist, and posted it on the wall of Occupy Wall Street’s facebook page,in the hope he would see it (she identifies the man as an organiser in some capacity at OWS).

Frustrated at his rebuttals when she had tried to confront him in person at the OWS organising spaces, this was her attempt to have a voice, to have him hear her.

The admins of…

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