Galloway Backs Bangladesh Far-Right.

Tendance Coatesy

As anybody would expect George Galloway is not unsympathetic to the violent Islamist right in Bangladesh.
As we can see from this re-tweet of an Islamist.

Twitter / Feb28info: “The real people of Bangladesh … 

 Retweeted by George Galloway

Abjol Miah, Respect’s chief  ‘operator’ in Tower Hamlets, has form as a religious Islamist.

His views on Gay Marriage (predictable) can be seen here.

This is the Twitter Feed.

Which links to this:



Official Operation. Bringing you the latest news and development from the uprising in #Bangladesh #BanglaSpring #Revolution

Bangla Spring,

Why aren’t the Bostonians of yesterday, Bangalians today? Over 2500 Muslims dead in 1 night in #Bangladesh! #BanglaSpring#DarkNight#islam

This is what Jibril refers to,

HAKA, Bangladesh — Violence erupted across…

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