This is What Happens When you Set up a Feminist Community.

Eli Gabler

I’ve never experienced such overt abuse and hatred as I’ve received over the past eighteen months.  For what? For simply setting up a feminist site on Facebook. I know other feminist page admins (and any kind of progressive human rights group) will understand. The constant barrage of mindless abuse, the threats, the harassment, the hate speech…I could go on. Everyday I wake up and in my inbox there is a new message (usually from some dude) telling me something along the lines of how much of a cunt I am. I’m a cunt apparently. A man hating cunt. I’m a cunt because I want to provide a safe space for feminist discussion and mobilisation. I’m a cunt because, above all, I want equality.

By now I’m used to this. My skin is so thick you wouldn’t believe it. They’ve become almost amusing. One of my favourite things to do is…

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