Nothing Left in Britain: Dear Parent/Guardian

A Thousand Flowers

The second in a two-part series on the British Left and its relationship with Scotland

In the first part of my journey examining the British left, I looked at how the far-left in Scotland has been working to free itself from London rule for the past few decades. Today I’m going to examine why the rest of the British left can’t seem to understand Scotland either. The vanguards are mostly gone, but sadly the Guardianists are still very much to the fore within the British labour movement.

The fact that the referendum campaign is developing into a right/left battle hasn’t stopped some of our friends from down South from popping up to give us a nice pat on the head and assure us we’ll be back being “Better Together” with them soon.

We’ve oft rejoiced in the visitations of Tories (or UKIP) to our midst. A string of discredited…

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