Why I took a hiatus…

I use the same username everywhere I go. I don’t censor myself and I’m not a liberal.
I received a lot of threats last year, mostly in response to comments and tweets on one of my many social media accounts connected to old blogs and forums. I needed a break.

Here’s pretty much the last thing I wrote at the time:

A few months back some D00Dchodez™ posted a picture of a friend, photoshopped to make her look beaten, with comment below details how women “need to be cut”.
Loads of us reported it to face book, and facebook did nothing despite other folks we know like Hildur (http://www.politicsballa.com/2012/11/facebook/lilliendahl-rights-women-s-campaigner-banned-posting-facebook-threat-death) receiving death/rape threats etc, simply for responding unfavorably to jokes about violence being visited upon women.

D00dchodez™ attempt to dox us on a weekly basis, and encourage other d00ds to “visit us”.
I’m assuming they aren’t going to be popping round for tea to discuss the latest Robert Jensen lecture.
This is facebook’s 3rd non-apology so far. They ignore reports not just on things like these but on child pornography, violence, far right doxing pages and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff as a matter of course. Then the non-apologies come out when someone is attacked due to their details being posted as an image, and facebook ignoring it.

Both women are Icelandic, and the D00Dchodez™ are terrified of Icelandic women. Why? because Iceland is fast becoming the most progressive and safest country for women to be in the world, and for some reason women having a safe place is a threat to these guys.
But being Icelandic isn’t a marker for abuse, just look at the abuse Anita Sarkeesian received when she released a kickstarter to address the issues of dangerous stereotyping of women in video games. She discusses it in this short video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZAxwsg9J9Q
The attention the d00ds brought with their trolling death and rape threats worked to Anita’ advantage, not only did it prove her point but, she not only smashed her target, but her series continues and is the most successful of it’s kind.

What I’m getting at here is that these women are examples of how women are treated for having the audacity to have an opinion on the internet. If you are a woman on the internet who campaigns against violence and rape, you will most definitely feel the wrath of these degenerates, who appear to be everywhere, all the time, which lends itself to the theory that these aren’t 4chan trolls, *this is how a lot of guys actually think*
It is relentless.
Every day, every 4th or 5th click and the only way to stop it is to use a male avatar (expect to be called “pussy” “homo” “mangina” etc when you espouse any views that distinguish you from a knuckledragger) or remove oneself from the internet completely. It is already bad enough that we are excluded from social spaces and political movements because of apelike behaviour, but our internet too??? Feeeerk that.

Next time you see someone being bullied for taking exception to insults that attack their demographic, don’t ignore it – facebook will, but you don’t have to. We shouldn’t have to ban these people, we should be creating a society where this sort of chat is unacceptable, and is deemed socially inept, rude, backwards and idiotic and preempt these dangerous vile attitudes before they start in our young men.

Emma Goldman, another woman who wouldn’t take your shit either.

Emma Goldman, bust from "Anarchism and ot...

Emma Goldman, bust from “Anarchism and other essays”. Photomechanical print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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