Well Behaved Women Seldom Make THE FUTURE

Some Science

Women have been discouraged from pursuing technology and knowledge at least since the story of Eve – or the beginning of time – or whatever you choose to believe. Regardless, you know I’m right. But think about it: Politics, religious leaders, judicial systems, medical fields, Freemasons, finance, military branches, auto mechanics, etc. Women were either blatantly forbidden from participating in these fields and organizations, or silently scorned for doing so. As we saw inUnderbelly, dragging a coal cart through a mine tunnel was considered appropriate labor for women (and children) in the 18th century, but furthering their education to pursue a more healthy, productive career was not allowed. Women were expected to simply maintain the status quo while men built the future.


But everybody knows that. That was ages ago – so why is this worth examining for the gabadrillionth time?


Because look man –…

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