So what I have learned from posting all night on the #EDL hastag….

Image is that there are a lot of people who rely on Tommy Robinson to be representative of the EDL, don’t question his motives, and actually believe the fairy tales he tells, which, when mixed with truth must be intriguing for any discerning right wing punter. 

I can understand by far right conservatives, and ignorant morons will believe a man with what looks like working class support, makes them feel like they are a hero, in the middle of something important, for the first time in their lives, they finally feel part of something, yeah it’s racist drinking club filled with anger, but they *really feel* at home there. 
When questioned, members, quick as a whip regurgitate answers fed to them by their religious, I mean cult, I mean League, leader. 
Have you heard the speeches at EDL demos? Full of positive affirmation, and “we are all in this together” rhetoric. 
Often in speeches it is mentioned that every single member of the EDL is risking their life every minute of the day, to save poor women and children from evil brown men. They are brave warriors.There are certain things you need to do to start a cult, find vulnerable people, disconnect them from society, give them love and acceptance and they will do your bidding. Sometimes they will even do their own bidding.In the common ground of racism and hatred, Stephen Lennon has made a cult of personality which may be the most dangerous street gang on British soil. They may not have guns, but their violence comes often and is unprovoked. Remember, they are doing God, I mean EDL’s work -To rid the country of unholy jihadi’s and evil lefties who rape children. “You what?” I hear you say….
They actually believe all of this, it is fed to them day and night, with constant propaganda pieces accompanying hugely exaggerated anecdotes, or fiddled statistics (like 95% of rapes in the UK are carried out by Muslims). They believe all Muslims are in on a global plot to blow EDL members and British soldier up. And that all Muslim men rape and exploit children. 
If you disagree, you clearly support these things they imagine all Muslims do. If you oppose them you are a personal friend of SWP rapist Martin Smith, or have a direct line to Anjem Choudary, the go-to extremist darling of the press. Omar Bakri is your uncle. Your cousin in a trade union is the enemy. And there is a lot of paranoia which fuels the EDL, partly due to lack of intelligence, false reports, and partly because they are very incompetent, often turning on each other in public on social networks, usually with one being accused of being a child molester or member of UAF at some point. It’s an endless circle of demos & propaganda.
They fall in and they fall out, but a never ending supply of robotic cult members replaces them. The EDL is providing a home for troubled youth & ex cons. A home that no-one else is providing. A home that preys on their weaknesses to fight an imaginary war with imaginary combatants in an imaginary scenario.The thing is Robinson has been schooled by men much cleverer and fascist than him, which makes him appear more Winston Churchill to them, and Frank Spencer barely delivering his lines to us. Online supporters have no idea what it is like living in a town that these EDL supporters and sympathisers come to or are active in. 

Since the EDL have been rampaging (over 300 reported incidences of racial hate crimes in a week- I should know, one was my partner) lot of people have been staying indoors. People of colour, lady shaped people, groups of friends of mixed ethnicity,the elderly, teenagers being kept in by mum, families, couples, and a lot of white men who don’t support the EDL (who the EDL say support “rape gangs”) All for fear of violence, racist violence for people of colour, harassment for women,( who wants to be in town centre with literally hundreds of drunk men?) fear of violence on friends and loved ones, and fear of violence on themselves, because they don’t share views based on half truths and full lies. 
This makes the streets only safe for white male members of the EDL, and other associated people. 
So, as myself and my partner stay in another night, I ask you, who is really terrorising the streets? And is it wise to allow this cult like behaviour to continue? – Venus Envy


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