Facebook Rape and Feminism in Action




During Memorial Day weekend, the journalist Jane Merrick alerted me to something truly horrific. A website by women in media listing graphic depictions of violence against women on Facebook. Images so violent I can barely describe them. Images depicting women with their faces smashed in, cowering in corners, knocked down stairs, being sexually assaulted while out cold drunk; images glorifying rape, murder, incest and domestic abuse.

I tweeted Sheryl Sandberg who up until then I had considered a role-model, and Nicola Mendelsohn of FB Europe asking what they were going to do about it. The #FBrape campaign was in full flow. Knowing that we were on Memorial Day weekend I planned to weigh in with my followers on Tuesday (but was distracted by the below).

Tuesday night, to my surprise and pleasure, I found that Facebook had posted (unlike previously) a full settlement with women’s groups and a changing…

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